The original descenters

The original Seven Princes of Hell were a select seven of the few fallen Angels who took up governing the new regions in which they were to be imprisoned. Each had a representing sin that they used as marks for themselves and generalizations of their personal sin. They are as follows:

History Edit

After the War of Heaven, the imprisoned decenter Angels decided they needed a form of ruling government in their new plane of existence. Some vied for power, but undoubtedly, the ruler of Hell at the time was the leader of the descenders, the charismatic Morning Star, Lucifer. Courageous and strong, he made others bow before him through persuasion, bribery, or intimidation.

For years, Hell has been organized by Lucifer into the ruling body called the Seven Princes, in which the leading seven would rule over different, vast areas of their lands. Each Prince was responsible for their own subjects and lands. Many enjoyed how organized this system was, though a select few hated being forced at the bottom for their others to be on top. One particular, power-hungry Devil, Bael, took advantage of this. This erupted into the War of Hell.